The world’s leading Pixel Gun 3d hack – Created by ProjectVEX

I would like to introduce you to our all new Pixel gun cheat, we can guarantee you that this is the ONLY working hack which is available on the web today. If you find this hard to believe we have some pictures below from real people who have tried and tested our hack. Without further ado lets get started –  Check the picture below, this is someone who was happy to share their results with us.

Pixel gun 3d hack

What makes our hack the best?

Below I have listed 6 special features about our hack and why it makes us the best around, we have many more features but we think 6 should be sufficient

100% FREE

Why spend your hard-earned money on things you could get for free? With our hack, you no longer need to buy coins or gems. Simply follow the three-step process below to get your account filled loads and loads of in-game coins and gems for FREE!

No downloads needed

You don’t need to download any program or software! This is unlike other sites that ask you to download programs that might contain Trojan viruses. You don’t need that, do you? Such programs can steal your information or leave your computer vulnerable to hacks!

Works on PC, Android, and iOS

The fact that our hack is web-based means you can access it anytime using your Android smartphone, iPhone or PC. Unlike other generators which are OS (Operating System) based, ours works on any platform.


We test our coins and gems generator every day to make sure users like you are able to get free resources on a daily basis. In cases where we find the generator is not working as usual, we move quickly to ensure the situation returns to normal ASAP!

Privacy guaranteed

We have a company policy of not sharing any information from our users with any third-parties! Our servers are also hosted on secure platforms to ensure no data can be stolen or misused!

Unlimited coins & gems

We don’t restrict our users to a certain number of coins or gems per day! Whatever number of resources you want we can provide as long as the coins are within Pixel Gun 3D limits. We have implemented anti-detection features to hide our activities from Pixel Gun 3D servers.

Before & After Pictures

Below we have posted 3 before and after pictures from real people who have used our hack, they were happy to share the results with us and allowed us to use their pictures, you can also do this by submitting your pictures on our contact page

BEFOREpixel gun hack beforeAFTER
pixel gun hack afterLaura gained around 9 THOUSAND coins and gems by using ProjectVEX

BEFOREpixel gun cheat beforeAFTER
pixel gun cheat after

Sayeed claimed over 40 THOUSAND gems and coins by using Project VEX

BEFOREpixel gun 3d hack beforeAFTER
pixel gun hack after

Robert generated a TON of resources using our generator at ProjectVEX

Let’s get started!

In order to start using our hack simply press the “GO TO GENERATOR” button which is located below, it will then redirect you to another page where you can enter your account username along with how many resources you want. Don’t worry we will never ask for your password.

How to hack Pixel Gun 3D?

The process of getting an unlimited number of Pixel Gun coins or gems using our hack is extremely easy to follow. Even a 10-year-old with internet access can do it!

  • STEP 01

    To get started click button which is labeled “GO TO GENERATOR” once clicked you will be redirected to another our page which has the generator on it.

  • STEP 02

    Once on the generator page you must enter your pixel gun username in the text area provided, don’t worry we don’t ask for your password.

  • STEP 03

    Once your username has been submitted you must then input how many coins and gems you want then press submit.

  • STEP 04

    Our system will then run a few checks to make sure you are not a bot then prepare to send your resources!

Who couldn’t quickly complete this simple three-step process? No one! We have to know where to deposit the coins or gems requested and this is why we ask customers to insert their in-game usernames. We also just can’t randomly dish out coins or gems. You have to tell us how many you want! Lastly, after you click generate, you will be redirected to a site where you will have to answer a quick survey to complete the process. This survey has been added to protect our system from previous attacks by bots and spammers which led to our previous site crashing. Five minutes is a fair alternative to having to spend up to 60 dollars or playing countless hours for the free gems. Don’t you think so?

Why you need free unlimited coins

Coins are the in-game currency in Pixel Gun 3D! Pixel Gun gameplay without coins is like going to a gunfight with a knife – you might be that confident, but your chances of winning are slim! Simply put, you won’t enjoy much success without huge amounts of in-game coins. Here are the things you will be able to buy and enjoy using your coins.

Pixel Man skins
League items

Acquiring huge amounts of coins for you to spend on anything you want can prove to be difficult and is actually time-consuming. It is also somewhat expensive if you decide to use your real life money. For example, a chest of coins costs 31 dollars same us a chest with gems! Our Pixel Gun 3D cheats generator makes it easy for you. You simply click on the generate button and wait for a few moments. You then head to your account and voila!

Why you need free unlimited gems

Just like coins, gems can also be used as currency in this Pixel Gun 3D. You can buy them, earn them through playing the game, or acquire them by watching advertisements. The easiest and fastest way of getting free unlimited gems is obviously through our Pixel Gun 3D cheats generator!

Here are the things you can buy and enjoy using gems:

Super incubator
Lethal weapons
Levelling up
All accessories with a few exceptions

With all these in your arsenal, who could win against you? One of the other things you could buy using gems is the Golden Secret Forces Rifle. This gun can only be bought using gems, and you need a lot of them to make this purchase. Get all the gems you need from our powerful generator, and you will no longer have a need to look for ways to hack Pixel Gun 3D.

What is Pixel Gun and why ProjextVEX?

Pixel Gun 3D is all the rage right now! The game is enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide and is just as addictive as Clash of Clans or Minecraft. Pixel Gun 3D allows you to battle against other players anywhere in the world! You get to battle in a wide variety of locations (maps) using dozens of weapons (over 100 types). That’s not all! Go on a campaign or enter survival mode fighting against different kinds of enemies with high definition graphics and thrilling sound effects.

The fact that you are on this page means you most probably know all about this game, and you are just looking for Pixel Gun 3D hacks, cheats or tips to move up faster in the game. If you are looking for Pixel Gun 3D tips on how to play the game, you will not find them here. However, what we do have here is much more precious and will get you further ahead in the game than any tips you might find anywhere else. We present to you the ultimate Pixel Gun 3D hack!

Instead of having to spend hours on end or your hard-earned money to get in-game coins and gems, you can now simply click a few buttons, and you will be good to go. You no longer have to look around the Web to find the best Pixel Gun 3D cheats. Simply visit our website every time you need a top up, and we will give you the coins or gems you need. Never again will you be frustrated by unsafe, fake or ineffective hack sites for our Pixel Gun 3D hack will satisfy all your gaming needs! In July 2016, one of the founders took it upon himself to build this hack site after trying generators on dozens of Pixel Gun 3D hack sites without much success. He called two of his friends, and together they sought and found the right people to build ProjectVEX – the home of the best Pixel Gun 3D coins and gems generator!

Final thoughts

As you can see, we are a safe site trying to make a name for ourselves by offering clients the best Pixel Gun 3D hack generator. If you enjoy our service (which we are sure you will), please email us or text us using the Skype contact above. Remember, we are in no way affiliated with Pixel Gun 3D or any of the developer’s products. We only provide a service to help clients like you to enjoy the game more! What are you waiting for! Click generate now to start having massive fun on the game!



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