Friday, February 23, 2018

Welcome to the contact page of ProjectVEX

ProjectVEX are always happy to help no matter what the problem is, feel free to use our contact form below and send us an email regarding the issue, just remember it’s hard to get everything perfect and yes sometimes we may mess up but please be respectful when sending emails.


Before sending us mail we ask that you read all the other sections including our homepage to ensure your questions have not already been answered, this will end up saving both us and you a lot of time. However, if your question is related to something which has not already been answered go ahead and use the contact form.

When using our contact form we ask that you be patient and polite, any disrespectful emails will simply be disregarded and your IP will be blocked from using our website even again. Just remember that we are providing a free service, therefore are not obliged to reply to all your emails.