Friday, February 23, 2018

Meet The Team


Abraham is the head of operations. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the website. He has a background in computer programming, and like Pete he is solutions-oriented. On the weekends, you will often find him at Turf Moor cheering for his favourite football club, Burnley.


I am Josh. I am responsible for product and content development. I look into suggestions made by users like you and present them to the team for discussion. I also write the things you need to know about what we do! You will find me watching movies or funny videos when not at work.


 Pete is the head honcho of ProjectVex. He came up with the idea and found the people and resources to build the site. He loves gaming and helping people to find solutions to basic problems. He now manages the website and looks to grow it into a profitable business in the near future!

Our Story

On a wintry December 2015 evening, Pete (our founder) was his usual self, playing his favorite online game, the Clash of Clans. He loves this game with a passion. However, on that particular day, he really wanted to level up. To do this, he needed a massive amount of in-game coins which he didn’t have. Like any other young man in his early 20s, Pete did not lose hope. He turned to the one place people find answers to everything, Google. He quickly searched “Clash of Clan hacks” and found hundreds of sites. However, only a handful looked promising. He opened each site in its own tab and then tried to get coins in each of the seven new tabs he had opened. In this little study, Pete discovered three things.

First, that most of the sites claiming to offer hacks are not genuine and are only intent on exposing gamers to endless advertising. Second, most gaming hack sites require the user to download a hacking program to his or her PC to complete the hack; an act that he was not comfortable with. And third, most genuine hack sites charge a hefty fee for their services!

Instead of getting frustrated by the situation, Pete saw an opportunity in this mess. He saw a gap he knew he could fill. He set out to build a site that could offer gamers the best gaming hacks online. He called two of his college friends, Abraham and Josh, that’s how ProjectVex was started.

From the very start, the team set out to build a genuine site that could offer gamers the best hacks without exposing them to malicious programs, endless advertisements or time-wasting hacks that ultimately do not work as intended. The team of three friends hired the best programmers they could find to build the best gaming hack tools currently available on the market!

What are we FREE?

Well, why should they not be free? Nowadays, many people are all about money. We are also all about money but not for now! ProjectVex was founded to fill a gap, and that’s what’s we are focused on doing right now. We don’t want to bombard you with ads or something like that. We have a clear roadmap on how we will start getting revenue, but until mid-2018 we want to continue building the site and offering users like you as much value as possible. So, in the meantime, try getting as many friends as possible to enjoy the FREE services we provide!

What are you waiting for, head to our homepage now to find the best gaming hacks currently available on the Web!